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    Welcome to my web site my name is Wassim Mekaled

  • Hi Wassim

With the racing season over and done with now, maybe we will not see each other again this year. So, I just want to congratulate you on winning the 2012 Young Bird Champion Loft.  Congratulations! .. Well done!

I think what this tells me, is that we will have to watch out for you for next year when these young birds can fly in the old bird competitions!  You obviously have excellent birds ... and achievements like this helps to make all the hard work, trouble and expense worth it all hey? It was my privilege to fly with you and the other champions this year Wassim, and I hope we will be able to do it again next year.

Kind regards,  David

North road racing pigeon society

(2015) NRRPS Hotline: 604-856-3637

Congratulations Wassim with your 880 CU 2015 BHL winning the Champion Young Bird for 2015 with 74 points without any points from Yahk!

Coming in at 5th place in the Young Bird Champion Loft and 6th place in the Overall Champion Loft for 2015 out of 27 participants, is also no small feat ... well done!

I hope you still have your 880/2015 and that he/she will do well in the old bird races for you next year or that he/she will breed well for you.

It is good to have you in the club and I am glad you are doing so well.

Best regards,

I Discovered  an unstoppable strain of racing pigeons 


2012 First ace Loft Young Birds.

2013   - BHL13/13-3RD ACE YOUNG BIRD OVER 1000B competing

4th. CHAMPION Loft Short Distance

6th Champion Bird Short Distance .